Monday 2 January 2017

Week 26 - and December summary

The last week of 2016 was supposed to be an easier week and it got a little easier than planned in the end due to some nausea and general uncomfortable feeling on New Years Eve and yesterday. 

I had some easy days in the beginning of the week, with no high-intensity training, combined with a visit at my parents, which pushed the "normal" trainingcycle some days. Wedensday-Saturday was more normal and I was well recovered to be able to push quite hard on the two high-intensity sessions this week. Yesterday I didn't train at all, because I wasn't feeling well, but since the next weeks will be quite tough, it might be okay to be a little more recovered. I'm feeling better today after all.

December ended up with:

- 70h37min training whereas:

   - 53h31min running (565 km)
        - 6h03min orienteering
   - 13h34min strength-training
   - 3h33min alternative training (mostly hockey)

Despite a little week of sickness (couging) in the beginning of December and some small stomach problems in the end, it has been a good month of basic training and I have been able to train (and run) a lot, which is important to make a good base for the coming months of training.

January will be a lot like December, still with focus on a high training load, but I will try to have a little more speed on the high-intensity sessions. I didn't do much orienteering in December, and this will also increase in January. We have a National Team trainingcamp on Thursday for 3 days, and then it will be a combined EC/OK Pan-trainingcamp to Göteborg in 3 weeks. Besides that, I will stay in Århus and find a good rhytm in the training, before we will go to Spain for two weeks in the beginning of Februay.

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