Sunday 20 March 2016

Danish Spring 2016 - (2nd - DNF - DNS)

This weekend we had the first important competitions in Denmark - Danish Spring. Sprint on friday, middle-distance yesterday and long-distance today. 

The training has been working well the last weeks since we came back from Portugal. I did some competitions with Pan Århus in South Sweden two weeks ago, and got two 3rd places from the night mass start and the shortdistance, with quite tired legs. 10 days ago I also finished my masterstudies totally with the presentation and exam of my master-thesis. I got good feedback on the project and got the highest grade, which was a nice end of many years of studies. If you want to read my project, you can email me and I will send a copy to you.

This week has been a bit easier on the trainingload, to be ready for Danish Spring, and the 2 week training camp in Slovenia with the Danish National Team.
On friday it was a fast sprint in Helsingør. The race went ok, it's was not difficult, but still you had to be very concentrated all the way as the margins were very small. I did 2 bad routechoices though, losing 10 seconds in total, and ended up in 2nd spot, 5 seconds behind Søren Bobach.
Yesterday we ran a middle-distance in Gribskov, which was affected by a lot of fallen/cut trees and that the marshes had turned into lakes... I made a big mistake (1min+) on the first control, running just beside it, thinking that it wasn't my control. After that it went better technically and the speed was very good. But at the 11th control I twisted my left ankle. It was taped though, but since I had been out swimming 1-2 times, the tape wasn't strong enough. Still it wasn't that bad, but I wasn't able to keep racing and had to turn back.
Today I jumped on the bike instead of doing the long-distance, not to risk anything with the ankle or other injuries. I could probably have been running, but since I'm sitting in the airport, waiting to go to Slovenia for 2 weeks, it was wiser to save some energy for the camp.
It will be a camp consisting of a lot of high-intensity orienteering (mostly sprint for me), to get ready for the important competitions coming up in 1-2 months.