Sunday, 25 December 2016

Week 27 - Good trainingweek and more knowledge about my next year

Not so much to say about this weeks training, besides that it has almost gone according to the plan as a hard week of training  (18 hours training, 15 hours running, and 158 km running). I'm pretty satisfied with that, and I can now take an easier week of training with good conscience.

Maybe more interesting, I have had some interesting meetings in the beginning of this week, and I now know more about what I will do the coming year(s), besides running. More about that later...

I also had a meeting with the national team coach, Torbjørn, and we have decided that it will be the WOC-longdistance which will be my second priority next year, after the WOC-Sprints. I'm looking forward to this combination and I hope that my preparations will go well, so I can be able to improve my 8th (2013) and 9th (2012) place from the WOC-longdistance. I think the terrain for the longdistance in Estonia will suit me well, like it did in Switzerland and Finland, and I'm very motivated to give the WOC-longdistance another shot next year.

Merry Christmas to all of you.