Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Week 29 - Sickness and constant adjustments in trainingplans

A classic example of a training week, that didn't go as planned, due to problems with sickness.

Sickness is often a difficult obstacle for your training, because it's not easy to find out when it's ok to start training again and when it's not. Especially when coughing, I always have problems finding the right balance, because in my experience you can keep coughing for weeks, without actually being sick. The coughing will more or less continue not affected if you train or not. However, Ane has been coughing for almost a month after Smålandskavlen, without training, so I have been nervous that this would take some time for me as well.

This week I felt in my body that it was ok to start training easy again on Tuesday, but I found out on Wedensday that it was too early, and had to adjust the plans again. It was ok to have some short easy trainings though, to keep my legs functioning, and I could focus more on strengthtraining, which didn't affected my lungs. I have had problems sleeping during the week, which have disturbed my normal balance and making me tired. In the end of the week my coughing, sleeping and feeling was better and I was able to start training more normal again. 
The week wasn't a disaster and the break from normal training wasn't too long. The week was supposed to be easier after a tough build-up in training in November, and maybe it was good to get a little more rest before the tough training-weeks to come.

The positive things was that I could focus more on my strengthtraining during the week, and that the soreness I had in my calves/akilles dissapeared.       

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