Monday 19 December 2016

Week 28 - Back in normal training

The last week consisted of more than 18 hours of training and 14½ hours of running (154 km), and it feels good to be back in normal winter-basic-training again, even though my shape is not as good as it was before my sickness.

I periodize my training during most of the winter in a 3-week cycle, with 2 weeks with a high total trainingload (high volume of low-intensity training and 3-5 sessions of high-intensity sessions) and 1 week week with lower total trainingload (lower volume of low-intensity training, but still 2-5 high-intensity sessions). The low-intensity training is mostly done as long running-sessions (1½-2½ hours) on different surface (road, paths and terrain), but also some shorter recovery running-sessions. The high-intensity training is mostly done as longer interval-sessions, with high, but not maximum effort, and some orienteering-sessions in competition speed (high or maximum intensity, depending on the duration of the session). Besides that, I do some strength-training, both heavy resistance-training for the legs and corestability-training, to be stronger, more efficient and not least prevent me from overuse-injuries from the high running-load I have.

Last week is a good example of a week with a high total trainingload. During the winter the total trainingload will not be much higher than it was last week (which was also quite high). This week will also be a week with a high training-load, before an easier week between Christmas and New Years, where there will be no organized training. From the 2. January the EC-training will start up again, and so will a new period of high trainingload.  

The shape is not very good right now, but this is not important, because I don't have to be in good shape now. Of course it is hard mentally to be beaten by the others on most trainings, but I know that this is how it usually works for me. I just have to accept the fact that I'm in bad shape, but if I'm patient and keep focusing on my own training plans, the situation will be quite different when the Spring and Summer comes...


Klaus,orienteer from austria said...

Nice to read your comments about your trainings and also very interesting! Good to see that you also cook with water! And mentally tough enough to accept that you can not be in shape all the year round!
Merry Christmas, yours Klaus

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