Wednesday 3 February 2016

... and now, focus is 100% back on training.

On monday I finally handed in my master thesis in Sports Science, 7½ years after i started my education in Oslo. After some tough weeks of work it's nice to get focus back on training and especially recovery again.

Even though I have been busy with my master thesis the last couple of months, the training has been flowing quite good since I started running again in the beginning of November after I dislocated my shoulder. It has been 10 weeks of good basic training with a least 100km running/week and 8 weeks between 120-155 km/week. It has been more running on hard surface compared with earlier years, trying to get faster toward the sprint. The intensity-distribution has been quite similar as usual, with very little training on the highest intensity, focusing more on threshold training and long easy runs.
The last 2 weeks have not been optimal though, since I got sick two weeks ago. Last week I was in Sjusjøen, Norway, with a good combination of cross-country skiing an master-thesis work, but not much running though.

It has been really nice finally to hand in my master thesis, because even though I have been able to train well, I have been quite stressed the last 3-4 weeks. Now it's 100% focus on training and recovery the next 6 months, to be at my best at EOC and WOC. It starts on monday, with a 2 week training camp in Mira, Portugal, with the Danish National Team. I'm looking forward to a great season...

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