Saturday, 27 February 2016

Oops! ... I did it again (broken rib vol.2)

Unlike last year, the broken rib have a good explanation this time, as I ran directly into a tree during the first training on our 2 weeks training camp in Portugal... A broken rib sounds like a quite serious injury, but actually we didn't realize that it was broken until Wedensday this week, 2 weeks later, when I had it scanned.

The day after the hit I was sore in the area around my left chest, but I didn't feel anything when I was running, and actually I completed the planned training the first week of the camp, but the pain got more intense and was narrowed down to one area of one of the ribs. We had our physio with us, and she wasn't worried about the injury, as a hit on the ribs can be quite painful. But on a high-speed training in the beginning of the second week I realized that the pain was suddenly serious and that I couldn't run and breathe normally anymore. We decided to give it a couple of rest-days, to see if it got better. I was only walking some orienteering for 3 days while it was quite painful, but then suddenly it felt better, and I tried to run again. I was careful and on the first trainings, but I wasn't feeling much pain, and the running didn't make it worse. During the last 2 days of the camp I was traninig more or less normal, and this week has also consisted of quite much training back in Århus, and the pain are almost gone now.

Still I had it scanned on wedensday to see if it was possible to see anything, and we were all quite surprised to see a clear "crack" in my rib on the ultrasounds-scan. Nevertheless, I'm still advised to train as much as I can without pain, since it has been so much better the last week. So I'm carrying on with the last part of the winter-training, knowing that I have a broken rib in my left side and a weak right shoulder. I just have to stay on my feet...

The shape is not bad, as it sometimes has been in February, and I'm looking forward to the beginning of the season, which will start next week with Pan-Våren in Sweden, Danish Champs 10k in two weeks, and Danish Spring in three weeks, before a two week training camp in Slovenia.    


Mikhail Vinogradov said...

I wish you recover as quick as you can and further stay healthy and injury-free!

Unknown said...

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