Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Week 10-12 - WOC trainingcamp and Danish Championships in Sprint/Ultralong

It has been a busy scedule the last weeks and the weekly update has constantly been far down on the priority-list. But now it's here, though in a less detailed version...

Shortly summarized the training has been going according to the plans. Week 12 and 11 was weeks with much training, and week 10 (last week) was a bit easier, but with Danish Championships in Sprint/Ultrallong in the weekend.

Week 12 consisted mostly of a National Team Camp in Århus, with more O-training than usual and also some meetings. In the end of the week we travelled to Estonia for a week of WOC-training. On Sunday we competed in a sprint-competition, and I did a good performance and ended up in 3rd place.

In week 11 we were training in Estonia, and we had two high-intensity session. A middle-distance and a relay-training. I'm happy with my performances, and especially that I was able to match the best Norwegians on out last training of the camp.

Last week (week 10) was a mix of recovery and some high-intensity sessions, including Danish Championships in Sprint and Ultralong. The sprint was no success, with a mistake in the beginning and a missing punch, but the Ultralong was good with a win.  

I have naturally been tired after the ultralong, and have rested some days now. Next up will be 10mila this weekend. I'm still in a period of basic training, and besides racing on Saturday night, I'm planning to train much the rest of this week, and the next week as well, before a new competition period will start in the middle of May (Test-races in Estonia and World Cup in Finland).

And now less than 10 weeks to WOC...  


Vassil said...

Hallow Tue. Thank you for yoyr posts. I have some questions:
- You often talk about heart rate - too high, not too high. Would you explain is there right heart rate according the running speed?
- How do you calculate your interval, optimal or base running speed? Through max speed, heart rate or...?
- Normal longdistance speed. How do you determine speed in diferent kind of courses - L/M/S?
Vasko Stoyanov

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