Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Week 18, 17 and 16 + February summary

First of all I would like to apologize that it has now been quiet on the blog for some weeks, but here come the training-summaries for the last three weeks. Three weeks of different training and also three different small injury-problems.

Week 18: Recovery week after trainingcamp

I was very tired coming back from Spain, and was also afraid of getting getting sick, so I took it quite easy the first days of the week. Unfortunately my right ankle got locked when I made a little twist on a run Tuesday, and I had to adjust my training the coming days, before a chiropractor unlocked it, and it was better immediately. Had a tough trail ½-marathon on Saturday before going on ski-vacation together with my girlfriend and her family in Skeikampen, Norway.

February summary:

Total training: 76 h 58 min (~2 h 45 min / day)

Total running: 56 h 57 min (~2 h / day)
 - Total running: 577 km (~20,6 km / day)

Total strength-training: 10 h 55 min

Total alternative training: 9 h 2 min
 - Crosstrainer-intervals: 1 h 16 min
 - Cross country skiing: 7 h 50 min

Even though the last week of Februay was not totally according to the plan, the total month was really good with a lot of quality training.

Week 17:

All the week I was in Skeikampen, doing cross country skiing and having some vacation. It was a good week of training with a lot of cross country skiing (21 hours and 268 km), but only one running-session (uphill-intervals) and a total of only two high intensity-session, because I injured my calf in the end of the week in a crash, resulting in a deep wound. I was able to do easy skating the last 2 days though so it wasn't a disaster, and the calf got better fast.

Week 18:

The week was supposed to be a tough week, starting a three week period of much high-intensity training and competitions. It was ok to run with my calf-injury in the beginning of the week, and I tried to stick to the original plan, with two high-intensity sessions on Tuesday. Unfortunately this was too much load for my legs, and my front-thighs were overloaded resulting in a sore knee on Wedensday. Apparently the (non-intended) break from running in Norway for 6-7 day was too long for my thighs to be ready for a big (but normal) runningload. I was good to adjust my training for a couple of days, and get some extra treatment on my legs, so I was ready to run the first competitions of the season in the weekend. 

Even though the week was not totally according to the plan, the goal of a lot of high-intensity training, was well completed. 

This week has also been the week since November which have consisted of clearly the most high-intensity training (I-zone 4-6). 2 h 56 min HIT this week compared to max 1 h 48 min HIT in a week earlier this season, marks a clear change in the periodization of my training, and HIT will have much more focus from now on and until WOC. Hopefully this will also give some more speed in the coming weeks of competitions.

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