Monday 18 November 2013

Plans and goals 2014

November is always the month of the year where I try to plan my next season with no exception this year.

2013 was a good year for me, but of course I want more next year. And now I know more about the long way to achieve my goals. First of all, next spring I hope to try something I haven't done before, being a full-time athlete for a period. Together with the Danish Orienteering Federation and Team Denmark I try to find the economy to take time off from my studies, to be able to prepare better for European Champs and World Champs. I hope it will be possible, because I feel that this might be the way to take the last step up on the podium.
Another change from previous years is that in 2014 I will not focus on the long distance, but instead try to do well at the WOC-Sprint and the WOC-Sprint-Relay in Italy. My biggest goal for next year is the WOC-middle and the EOC-middle, and it is not possible to combine with the Long distance races in these championships. Besides that, I really want to see how good I can get at the Sprint-distance, because I have never trained the sprint seriously, but have still been able to perform at the highest level.

My goals for next year is to be at the podium (top 6) at the most important races, but of course I dream about a medal.

EOC Middle - top 6
EOC Relay - top 6
WOC Sprint - top 6
WOC Sprint-Relay - top 3
WOC Middle - top 6
WOC Relay - top 6

To achieve these goals I will focus on training well all year at my home in Århus. Last spring I travelled and competed too much and next spring I will be more careful about that. So I won't run all World Cup races, and especially avoid running tough long distance races

The plan for important competitions and longer training camps in 2014:

8-15/2 National Team Training Camp in Portugal
26/2-3/3 World Cup, Turkey
14-20/3 National Team Training Camp in Portugal
8-16/4 European Champs in Portugal
2-4/5 10mila, Sweden
9-11/5 National Team Training Camp Sweden
(20-24/5 Jukola-camp in Finland?)
26/5-2/6 National Team Training Camp in Italy
6-8/6 World Cup, Norway (only the Middle-distance)
10-12/6 World Cup, Finland
13-15/6 Jukola, Finland
1-13/7 World Champs, Italy
5-11/8 National Team Training Camp, Scotland
2-5/10 World Cup, Switzerland
9-17/10 National Team Training Camp, Scotland


Anonymous said...

Ser godt ud Tue :-)
Du siger bare til hvis du skal ha en uge eller to på ski på Gålå.. Du er velkommen :-)
Mvh. Jakob

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