Friday 10 February 2017

Week 21 - and January summary

Week 21 was the first week of a three-week block of high load training, starting in Denmark and ending in Southern Spain on Sunday.

But first...

January summary:

Training: 78:02 hours (~2,5 h/day)
- Running: 61:12 hours (~2 h/day)
   - Running: 624 km (~20 km/day)
- Strength-training: 13:39 hours
- Floorball: 3:11 hours 

January was a very good trainingmonth, with only minor adjustments in training, due to some sickness in the beginning (2 days without training) and some extra easy days in the end of the month.
I have increased the amount of total training and running slowly but constantly from November 1st, but I have also been able to increase the amount of high-intensity training in January.

It is not the month which I have been training the most (when I lived in Norway I had some winter-months with a ot of cross-country skiing), but I think it is the month which I have been running the most. Considering that November and December also worked out fine, I am quite pleased with the season so far. I know that this long period of constant hard training and mostly running will be important later in the season to be able to be at my best when it really counts in 21 weeks.

Week 21 was the month of this season which I have been running the longest (164,9 km in 15:41 hours). This includes that half my running-sessions were either orienteering or running in hilly terrain. I had four high-intensity sessions this week, consisting af two long interval-sessions (40 min HI) with the Elitecenter on Tuesday (paths) and Thursday (hilly terrain), a short but very intense OK Pan Vintercup (~20 min) Tuesday evening and a Middle-distance training-competition on Sunday after arrival in Spain (see the description of the Middle-distance in the figure above and the map below).

I can tell that the training in Spain is going well so far (Friday), and that my ribs show no sign of fracture (so far). I will try to speed up my weekly training-updates from next week on.


Tiago Leal said...

Really like your training posts. I was curious if you could maybe do a detailed post about your strength workouts with info such as number of sets, number of repetition per exercise, which exercises you do, if you use weights and how heavy are they, etc. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work/training :)

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