Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Danish Spring

Last weekend I ran Danish Spring. I tried to race at the Danish Night Champs one week earlier, but had to realise that my body wasn't ready for that yet. So I was quite excited about the competitions as I had no idea at all, what my shape, both physically, technically and mentally, would be like.

But I was surprised in a good way, and I did good perfomances in the sprint and middle-distance, finishing in 4th and 2nd position. Søren Bobach dominated all the competitions, but since it was my first races, and my first running session in competition-speed for 6 weeks, I'm very satisfied that I'm not far behind. He is in really good shape, and it's great to be able to compete against him, to see where my level is. I skipped the long distance on sunday as my legs and mind were tired, and to recover a little before our training camp.

I know that I have trained a lot (82 hours in March), and that my general physical level is good, but I still need some more running and especially running in high speed, to be able to get use of it. It was obvious on the sprint, where I had this feeling of not being able to coordinate my legs to move in the frequenzy I wanted. But it will come and right now I'm just happy that I'm actually better than I expected.

Right now we're in Hillerød having some days of training with the national team, and thursday we will travel to England and the JK easter races. There we will have some some good competitions with a good line-up. I will do the sprint on friday and middle-distance on saturday. After that we will go for one week WOC-training camp in Scotland. Focus for me will be on high quality orienteering-session and to increase my volume in running even more.

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