Saturday 7 June 2014

In good shape, but no World Cup in Norway

Since EOC training has been going well, and I have been able to get 6 weeks of good and hard basic training. The training load has been between 16-20 hours of training every week, and I trained 74 hours in may. Mostly running but also 2-3 hours of specific strength, jump and sprint-training every week.
I have not been studying since easter, and therefore having more quality in training and recovery. It has been a good experience to be able to focus 100% on my sport, and hopefully it will pay off in a month.

After EOC I have also focused a lot more on the sprint-distance, and besides physical and technical training, I have been running more sprint-races. The preparations towards WOC-sprint in Venice and WOC-sprinttelay in Trento is going well, and I feel I'm improving all the time. We had a WOC-training camp in Italy last week, and even though I still have some technical improvements to do, the physical shape is really good. 

This week has been with easier load to get some energy before my last important competitions: World Cup-middle in Norway, World Cup-sprint and sprintrelay in Finland and Jukola.

Unfortunately I got a cold yesterday after the modelevent with sore throat and headache, and even though it's better today it was decided that I'm not running today. It's a shame because I was really looking forward to this middle-distance in real demanding Norwegian terrain, but it's not worth the risk right.

I'm now sitting in the couch watching the World Cup race live and hopefully getting better fast, so I will be able to race for full speed in the World Cup races and Jukola in Finland.
Training has been going better than ever and it's no big deal to have some days without training right now, so I'm trying to stay positive.

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