Monday, 8 July 2013

First hurdle...

The long-distance qualification yesterday was a hot, tough and difficult one, but I did a good technical performance and qualified easily for the final as no. 9, 4 minutes behind.

The terrain was as I expected, with a lot of areas where the trees had been cut 5-10 years ago, and some old and fast forestparts. The different heigths of the trees in the earlier cut areas, made it quite dense some places, and it was not easy to see the vegetation changes from the map to the forest. Some places it could be ½-1 meter of height-difference from a yellow to a white area, and also seeing the changes from white to light green was difficult. I was accurate with my compass and didn't do any bigger mistakes, but some small ones, where I simply couldn't see the flag. I also lost ½ minute going right on the long leg to the 5th control, but after the first loop, where I thought the undergrowth to be higher than expected, I considered it to be a good option. But the last part was too long.

I'm very satisfied with my technical performance, but I must admit that my body was not feeling very good during the race, and I lost time all the way, but especially in the end. I haven't been training much the last two weeks due to illness and tiredness, and I think it was good for me to get a tough race, to get my body started again. I hope that I will be even stronger on tomorrows final-race. We will see.... I'm starting 14:25 local time.

But before the race tomorrow, I will watch the Danes kick some ass in the Sprint Final!

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