Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Week 19

The second and last week in Spain was another great trainingweek, as many others this winter. Despite the big trainingload, I was still able to do some good performances in the two trainingcompetitions (sprint and o-intervals) we had during the week. My body is responding well to the many traininghours and the long and slow build-up in training from November has really paid off, as I'm now capable of a lot of training. The last two weeks has been the weeks with most training this winter, but not so much more than I'm used to from earlier this winter.

Many people tend to train (and run) a lot when they are on trainingcamp during the winter, but "forget" to train as much and hard when they are back home, and its colder and darker. In my experience a few weeks now and then with a huge trainingload isn't as benefitial in a long term as many weeks of a little less, but more constant, trainingload. Beside that, the risk of getting injured or sick in these overload trainingcamps (or when you get home), are simply too big, when you're not used to so much training. I have done that many times...

Another goal of the trainingcamp was to find back my technical routines, and especially in high speed. I'm quite pleased with the outcome of that, and even though I had a few sessions where nothing worked, most technical sessions were really good.

We also had a lot of good meetings in the team during the camp and discussed a lot of different things, mostly about technical/tactical preparation and analysis in different distances, but also about mental training. Emily Kemp joined us during the whole trainingcamp and she shared a lot about what she is doing and how she is training. It's always great to get some new views on orienteering.
During the last week many of us also took part in a scientific project about optimizing nutrition for athletes, and we learned a lot during the week, and also had some good talks in the team about how to get a good and healthy relationship to nutrition as individuals and as a team. 

Now I'm back home and will have a easier recovery-week before I will go with Ane and her family to Skeikampen in Norway next week. It will be a lot of cross-country skiing, and not so much running, that week, but I'm looking forward to go cross country skiing again, as I did a lot when I lived in Norway.

And in three weeks the competition-season will start in Denmark with Nordjysk 2-days. I will also have a short period of more high-intensity training and less high-volume training when I come back from Norway and three weeks forward (incl. Danish Night-champs and Danish Spring), before a new period of basic training starts in the end of March.

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