Friday, 9 December 2016

Week 30 - tough week of training

Here comes the first weekly blog about my training towards WOC 2017. 30 weeks to go...

"As a new thing this year I will try to post my completed training every week from now on and as a countdown until WOC 2017. This is mostly inspired by the traininglog of Thierry Gueorgiou which I have enjoyed reading during the last year. I like the concept of sharing knowledge and if this can be interesting and maybe inspire other runners or coaches, it's great. On the other hand I also think that even though it will be a bit time-demanding project, it will also inspire me to think more about what I'm actually doing, because I have to tell everyone afterwards. Hopefully this will give me a stronger feeling of obligation towards my training than usual.
I will focus mostly on my physical training as this is my main interest, and because it's easier to analyze and sum up than technical and mental training. However, I will try to write about technical and mental training (and other important stuff in my life) when I think it is important.
I will try to be as honest as possible in my descriptions, also when things go badly (because they will occationally, wheter you like it or not). Fell free to ask questions or comment".          
But first at short training summary of my training in November, as functioned as a "build-up" in training again:

Week 34 (31/10-6/11): 11:53 hours of training, 8:12 hours of running (82 km)
Week 33 (7/11-13/11): 13:38 hours of training, 10:39 hours of running (113 km)
Week 32 (14/11-20/11): 14:47 hours of training, 11:03 hours of running (120 km)
Week 31 (21/11-27/11): 15:17 hours of training, 12:47 hours of running (138 km)

Total training in November: 61:20 hours of training, 49:20 hours of running (523 km)

Then about last week (week 30):

It was supposed to be a tough week of training, before an easier week after the national team camp. My main focus during November and December is to build up training- and running volume to a high level, besides building up strength again. I'm putting back some longer runs in my basic training and lowering the speed a little compared to last year. I will try to maintain a significant amount of running on hard surface in my low intensity training (road or treadmill). This will hopefully make me strong enough to be able to keep a high volume in training in the new year, with slowly more focus on increasing the amount of high-intensity training.

Unfortunately I started coughing on thursday morning. I seemed like wasn't too bad and I didn't feel sick beside the coughing, so I kept training. I often get problems with coughing after I get a cold, but my experience is that the coughing is not much affected by the training, and it doesn't really matter if I keep training training or just rest, as long as the training doesn't provoke the lungs too much. On sunday I didn't feel normal though, and was low on energy. I will try to take some extra rest in the beginning of the next week.  

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